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Kind words from our customers.

- We recently got the Job to colour match and polish a set of KEF Speaker Cabinets. The speakers were sent direct to us from the KEF Factory, we colour matched and polished the Speaker Cabinets to the customers specification; which was to match his Antique furniture. After polishing the Speaker Cabinets they were carefully shipped back to the KEF Factory for the speakers to be installed in the cabinets and then once complete they were shipped to the customer. Both KEF and the customer were very happy with the finished Speaker Cabinets. The customer was so happy he sent us the following letter:

Hi Dave,
My speakers were delivered to me on the 11th October. Attached are four pics of them. Two at a distance, showing how they fit into my room. In one of these pics, the grills are removed, this gives the best sound, and shows off your shading. The other two show the excellent colour match you achieved.
I understand that people down at KEF, the manufacturers, were impressed. They even brought the finished speakers up to Sheffield themselves, rather than risk a carrier.
I would like to think that all this might lead to more work for you,
Once again, many thanks

Derek Lea, Barnsley

Here are the photo's

- We received the job with stripping a dark stained side board back to a natural oak finish, as well as this there was some minor repairs to be carried out. The customers were really happy with the finished side board and sent us the following message:

15th June

Dear David,

We would like to thank you for the great job you did on our Sideboard, we were impressed with the prompt and friendly service you provided, great personal touch! The Side Board really has been given a new lease of life. It looks great in our lounge.


Lee & Lyndsey

- We received a job from the following customer, it was really great to receive this kind review on our 'Free Index listing'

13th Feb

Mr Fowler took 4 chairs and a table away for polishing and colour matching as they were different woods and in poor condition. Came back with a great table and chairs, they look as though they should be a set but the individual woods still show through maintaining their individuality. He was on time and the cost was less than a couple of decent chairs to be honest.

Peter Jackson

- Recently we were tasked with restoring 7 antique chairs and table that had been damaged during flooding.  The finished result looked great and our client was very happy with the restored furniture. 

A set of 7 antique oak chairs and table were damaged by hot water when a compression joint in my newly fitted bathroom failed. I was away for four days so the water damage was extensive. The table and chairs which were dark oak were transformed into a white colour as all the varnish/shellac was washed away. It was heart breaking to see them and difficult to imagine they could be restored. Response to my request for a quote was very fast. The advice was polite and I was re-assured that the work could be done. I could and was consulted at all times regarding the restoration. The quotation was very reasonable. The work was completed very quickly and the delivery completed with great care. I am absolutely delighted with the results. I would use this business again. I felt there was a knowledge and a sympathy for antiques which initially helped me make a decision to have the work done. I would use them again at all times. Highly recommended.